Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sports: Jousting (played Discovery, medieval sport)

+ The action captures people’s attention.
+ Teams build friendships and trust.
+ A bound forms between the horse and rider so that they appear almost of one mind.
+ The riders usually represent somebody and when the rider wins then their sponsor wins as well. But the team wins also.
- Very dangerous sport. A rider can easily be hurt or even killed by the javelin or splinters from the javelin.
- Heavy armor worn for protection slows down the medics when they have to remove it to check for injuries.
- At the speeds they ride, if a rider falls wrong the horse could trample them or break their neck.
- The sport fell out of practice except for theater shows and it’s taking a while to come back.
~ I’ve been to theater shows such as the Medieval Times and I’ve watched the show Full Metal Jousting. Both show the world in a different light. If the world could see real jousting then maybe it would come back to practice sooner.
~ The armor is amazing to see be put on. Seeing a man get bolted into his armor brings to light the weight he has to wear and the weight the horse has to carry.
~ Jousting was a man’s sport in it’s time. But women should be allowed to chose to joust as well.
~ Jousting is family friendly but dangerous. Parents need to exercise the rule don’t try this at home.
Would Like:
* Jousting to become more popular.
* Women to be allowed to joust.
* Jousting to be taught in a school so the riders know what they are doing.
*  The horses to wear better armor.

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