Thursday, September 19, 2013

Anime/Manga: Ghost Hunt (anime/manga)

+ Great education about paranormal research.
+Get to see different ways the paranormal can attack or effect people.
+ The character development is astounding and draws people to watch the anime or read the manga.
+ The viewers/readers learn when Mia, one of the main characters, does.
-The anime isn’t complete in America. Season 2 and a movie aren’t available.
- Viewers don’t know the whole story you have to read to find out.
- Not everything manga gets brought to the anime.
~ Ghost Hunt is a great anime for the paranormal watchers. But it’s also great for romantics as well since there is a budding romance between Mia and Naru.
~ The character dinamics are great. You have a mish-mash team that ends up being great together when you’d think they would bring disaster.
~ Mia having a budding gift adds to the story. As the story goes on she starts to learn more about herself and her powers.
~ Mia dreams of “Naru” who is really his dead twin brother. He warns her of things to come, why doesn’t he reach out to any of the others?
Would Like:
* The anime to be finished.
* The question of Dream “Naru” reaching out to others in the team answered.
* The relationship between Naru and Mia to develop.
* Monk and Lee to get together.

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