Thursday, September 19, 2013

Non-Video Game: Hide and Clap (children’s game, strategy)

+ Strategic game that makes the hiders seek out the best hiding spots quickly and the seeker to listen to their surrounding while remembering their way through an area.
+ Challenges the players to come up with a strategy to hide from the seeker.
+ Teaches the seeker to memorize a room or area that they play in.
+ Hiders get to spin the seeker around and make them really dizzy.
- The clapping a hider has to do when the seeker calls out could lead to their hiding place.
- The seeker has to be spun by the hiders.
- The seeker must wear a blindfold and if they don’t know the area/room they are in they could run into things.
- The seeker only gets three calls for claps to find the hiders.
~ While the game is very basic, it’s challenging enough for children to enjoy playing multiple times.
~ Only having three calls can make the game end quickly of the seeker calls for them within a short period of time. A rule should be used or established to require the seeker to wait a certain period of time between calls.
~ With the seeker having to wear a blindfold they have to trust that the hiders won’t cheat. Hiders have a chance to cheat by enlisting people that aren’t playing to clap as well to lead the seeker away from them.
~ The game is generally an easy game to play but younger children may find it a challenge. Maybe they should be teamed up with older kids or an adult so they have a fair play.
Would Like:
* The game could actually use more to it. I believe more calls for the Seeker to make the game last longer.
* Hiders have too much leeway and to many chances to cheat, stricter rules that set perimeters around the play area to prevent non-players from interfering.
* Boundary limits to be set. Some people play inside their house and if it has more than one story it could be dangerous for the blindfolded seeker. So limits should be set to one floor or blocks should be put in the way of stairs to prevent falling. Even just putting something like bells to signal the stairs would work.

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