Thursday, September 19, 2013

Highly Rated Video Game: Mortal Combat Komplete Edition (8.5) (Multiplatform, Fighting)

+ Considered the best of the Mortal Combat games.
+Has a challenge tower and mini-games.
+ Brutal moves
+ More content to unlock
-Online play suffers from lag and makes matchmaking slow.
- There is a delay between attacks so it makes combos difficult to obtain.
- Moves aren’t fluid so it takes some getting use too, especially for Street Fighter players.
-  Some players that are squeamish may find some of the new additions not to their taste such as the x-ray moves that allow players to see bones be crushed.
~ The lag in online gaming sometimes occurs due to the overload on the servers of players. Usually this is helped by breaking up players to multiple servers instead of a massive one.
~ The new x-ray ability is a great example of game design in new ideas. These designs are just a step towards more great things.
~ The graphic nature of the design will draw a newer crowd towards the game but it can also turn older followers away. Some may see it as too graphic. It is just a matter of if the player is dedicated enough to the brand to stick with it.
~ There are many modes to play in such as tag team and arcade. The new mode Challenge Tower will keep the game more interesting.
Would Like:
* An option to miss the gore for squeamish players.
* More servers to fight the online lag.
* A way around the in-game lag for combo moves.
* To play the game.

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