Thursday, September 19, 2013

Memorable Game from the Past: Duke Nukem (PC, first person shooter, RPG)

+ Detailed story.
+ Could see the weapon the character carried and could adjust accordingly.
+ Commentary from the character was fun and kept interaction between player and character alive.
+ Great design on battles.
- Design is very basic compared to newer PC games.
- Ammo is limited and can be hard to find depending on how good the weapon is. The better the gun the harder it is to find the ammo.
- Can get overwhelmed with bad guys in some
~ Its an interesting concept but was stuck to one building. It could have been expanded to go outside the castle.
~ Could be made as a two player game so they can work as teams.
~ Expand to other systems to broaden the range of users.
~ I enjoy the option to choose what level players play at. Easy medium and hard.
Would Like:
* Expansion of travel area.
* Team ups.
* Expand to other systems.
*A new version with an actual character instead of just arms.

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