Thursday, September 19, 2013

Social Game: The Ghost of Mostwood (PC through Facebook)

+ Players are constantly getting new missions so the game stays interesting.
+ The game is following a main storyline of looking for the player’s aunt that disappeared. But many side stories keep it from getting stale.
+ Some items needed to build with can be harvested from the land it regenerates over time.
+ As the player solves storyline missions they find more ghost to help find their aunt.
- To expand the area or complete certain missions the player has to use lanterns to open areas of dark forest. The lanterns can only be gained after a certain point by making them which is difficult to get all the items or to purchase them with real money.
- Some harvest areas take an hour to build and that makes that character unusable for that time.
- The game can get boring if players don’t have the needed lanterns. Most missions after a certain point require them to search for at least one thing.
- Space becomes limited when players can’t search so everything needed to be built gets smashed into one area.
~ There should be other ways to gain lanterns. In the start of the game players get them as prizes for missions. After a certain level that stops.
~ It’s a very popular game but gifts have a restriction on them. A player can only help or send something to a player 10 times a day. There shouldn’t be a limit or if there is it should be a higher amount.
~ Getting prizes for helping friends is great but if they don’t have five things for a player to do then the player doesn’t get the prizes. There should be exceptions to the rules or five things on every player’s Mistwood.
~ Collecting money from buildings everyday is great but players should also get items as well.
Would Like:
* More lanterns or other options to gain them.
*  Easier expansion so things don’t get cluttered.
* When friends visit and leave boxes they should be joined into one giant box.
* No restriction on gifts.

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