Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dominate Strategy in a Videogame for Final Fantasy Tactics- Heavy Hitters (PSP, RPG/ strategy)

+ Using a well rounded team of heavy hitters gives the player’s team a good mix of defense, offense and healing.
+The heavy hitters have a lot of strength and strong magic as well as a variety of spells.
+ Heavy hitters are good distance fighters as well as close up. Its good to have stronger close range fighters to defend the distance hitters.
+ Also with heavy hitters its easier to mix in a few weaker members to build them up to meet the heavy hitter status.
- Heavy Hitters can take a while to build up to reach such a status. Their strongest attacks taking a large amount of experience.
- Heavy Hitters such as Knights can’t move a large distance so reaching the opponent may take a while and can leave distance shooters in range of attack.
- Mages, no matter their level have weak health so they have to be closely watched to make sure they don’t die. And strong magic uses a lot of magic so their magic levels have to be watched as well.
-  Heavy Hitters can take a bit of effort to gain. The stronger jobs have to be earned from building up the lower jobs.
~Mages need to have better health points or better defense. Defensive magic only defends for so many rounds and then it takes just as many rounds to reapply.
~Heavy Hitters as a dominant strategy give the player an advantage in an unknown location. It should be a mix of Knights, Mages, Dragonlancer, Monks and Summoners with a few others added in.
~ The attack points of a fighter depend on their level and their weapon. Shopping around for the best weapons take time but is worth the effort in the end.
Would Like:
*Better health or defense for mages.
* Knights to move larger distances.
* A list of shops and what they supply.

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