Sunday, September 15, 2013

Poorly Rated Video Game: Custer's Revenge (Adult Game for the Nintendo)

+ Its historically accurate.
+ Basic controls.
- Basically it’s porn in game format.
- Custer is given an obscenely large cock that with the proper pixilation appears to bounce as he walks.
- The point of the game is to read the Native American girl alive then ‘score’ or have sex without dying. If the player gets 50 bangs in then they get placed back to the left side of the screen to try again at a faster pace.
-  A remake was made, by a company or fan is unclear but its worse than the original.
~ While historically accurate, it is a rape game. Not a game that should be fun and enjoyed.
~ The game is repetitive and has no real point but to rape the Native American. Why should this be encouraged to play?
~ The remake is more disturbing in some ways since Custer uses semen to block arrows and to attack the new addition of scantly clad women run at him with scissors. When he reaches the Native American he rapes her to fill a meter and if he fills it a large gush of semen shoots everywhere.
~ The original is disturbing in the fact the designers took the time to pixelate his cock to bounce.
Would Like:
* The remake to be clarified by the creator.
* A better purpose to the game.
(I would attach the remake I found but it’s porn. It’s on youtube)

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