Sunday, September 15, 2013

Social Game: Lucky Supermarket (PC through Facebook)

+ The game teaches player the worth of a dollar by making them save for better selves and product to sell.
+ The game is a challenge as the ‘owner’ or player has to keep shelves stocked and customers happy.
+ Players are given missions and when they are finished they receive rewards such as experience, money or even shelves and decorations.
+ Players have incentive in the game to build up since new items open up at different levels which makes new items, shelves and decorations available.  At level 12 players are able to open a second shop and get to choose between two locations.
- It’s not a very popular game at the moment if you base it on the amount of likes it has received. The last count is 56, 217 likes.
- If players complete an event or get certain items needed that could count for more than one mission, they have to get the same items or complete the same event a second time for it to count for both. This is because if one mission gets completed then those items or event will be uncounted.
- A lot of missions require the aid of friends to complete and since the game isn’t popular, not very many friends play the game. For myself only 4 people are on the game but only 2 play anymore.
- A good portion of the expansions and missions revolve around the player’s popularity. If the player adds decorations and caters to the customer’s demands then their popularity goes up otherwise it stays the same.
~ The game is a repetitive cycle. The player opens the shop, fills the shelves and opens for business. This cycle repeats with the occasional shopping for supplies or decoration. There should be more to the game such an effect to economy, price changes, or even a celebration of some sort.
~ The game is bland. There isn’t much draw to the game and players aren’t going to want to play a game their friends won’t play.
~ The cartoon like design that resembles Sims was a smart idea. But that’s where similarities end. There isn’t a story to follow that would make a player want to keep coming back on more than an occasional run through.
~ Players are limited on how many times they can open based on the number of customers they have. There is a customer count that resembles an energy count and fills back up over time. But unlike the energy count it doesn’t fill back up with a level up. It should fill up at level ups or there should be items to fill it back up.
Would Like:
* A rework of the design to allow for more challenge to the game.
* To be able to shop at friends’ stores for restocking player’s own shelves.
* Some missions are difficult to complete without friends or using real money Player should have a third option.
* An option to get friends that aren’t on Facebook list.

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